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The Book Shop for All

Occasionally we discover new writers who use their talent to raise funds for charity. This page is dedicated to offering their books for sale with all funds going to their chosen charity.

The One Million Project  is an ongoing charitable endeavour in the form of a collection of short  stories by a number of different authors.

OMP aims to raise £1,000,000 for Charity (CANCER RESEARCH UK and the HOMELESS and thereafter all  continuing sales from this book will go towards an ongoing One Million Project Foundation which will continue to raise money for charity as well as invest in the Arts/Creative projects.

90% of all money raised in perpetuity will go towards this purpose.

The One Million Project is NON PROFIT.

I am pleased to be one of the contributing Authors to the Thriller Anthology

Paperback & Ebook Formats

£13.99 / £3.99 ea


If you are selling something similar please send us details and we will include them on this page.